Designer wall lights and floor lamps for your home

floor lamps

Floor lamps

Good lighting is key to creating the illusion of space and depth. In a home or commercial establishment, the design and style chosen are most times utilitarian in nature. But giving some thought to what the light fixtures look like, for example, can make all the difference to making the place look trendy and stylish. After all, you want people to notice the effort you’ve put in to ensure your home or office looks up to the mark.

Designer wall lights, floor lamps and others can not only add flavor to a place but also provide fine quality lighting. Italian company, Artemide, has a vast range of top designer products to suit your taste. Its Andromeda range of lights is modern with aluminum bodies and halogen lamps. Their flap wall lights are meant for direct-indirect lighting using halogen lamps with protective glasses. Artemide showrooms span countries, proof of its popularity. The website has a ‘store locator’ you can use to find out where the company deals.

Another Italian brand – Flos – was set up in 1962 to manufacture modern lighting. Now, the company produces a wide range of lights for residences and offices and even undertakes custom lighting. Providing assistance to architects, it showcases lights designed by prominent names like Achille Castiglioni, Jasper Morrison, Rodolfo Dordoni and Joris Laarman. Its influence in the lighting industry can be seen in the number of awards it has won over the years. The company has undertaken projects for big clients like Hotel Intercontinental in Geneva and Palazzo Grassi in Venice. It has its retail stores in Milan, Paris, Hong Kong, Rome, Stockholm, London and New York.

With over 2500 multibrand sales points in 50 countries, Foscarini has a massive range of lighting products. From outdoor to ceiling, this Italian company uses top designers to style its goods. Among its latest designs, it has the Behive, Birdie, Chouchin, Falena, Maki, Planet, Tivu and Tress stilo. Its dealers are worldwide and you can check out their operations by visiting the website and choosing the location.

floor lamps

Floor lamps

With so many superb brands in the market, it is time for people to give lighting its due importance. If your pockets are a little tight, you can always go for lesser brands or get a few design tips and get yours custom-made. Whatever the case, by choosing the right lighting you’ll be able to impress yourself and make your home into what you’ve always wanted.


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